Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Name: Happiness Munedzimwe
Hometown: Marondera, Zimbabwe
Year: 2009
Major: Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) in Electrical Engineering
Minor: Nanotechnology

Lots. Independent Physics research and presentations stemming from that have claimed a lot of my time, but I am also involved in FONI International Journalism Club (President, Editor); IEEE Lehigh Chapter; Reformed University Fellowship ( a conservative multi-denominational Christian Group) ; Association of International Students.

Where do I picture myself in 10 yrs?
I will be happily married and the father of three endearing kids. I will be an Operations Manager/ Director (or on my way to becoming one) of an electronics manufacturing firm. I will be almost done paving my way to a more fulfilling and global career of engineering philanthropy and policy-making for technological development, particularly in the area of cheap energy-provision in third world communities.

What's the best kept secret about Lehigh?
The hilly landscape, though intimidating at first, actually saves you a bit of hours on the treadmill.

What has been your most memorable experience at Lehigh?
There are a lot actually, I don’t really know which in particular to single out. The most recent, I suppose, was my Integrated Engineering and Business Capstone project class. Let’s just say Professor Costa is awesome, and I had the best team ever.

My favorite class/professor:
I think the four are tied; I tend to favor the professors of the classes I really like. Nanotechnology with Prof. Kiely, Microelectronics with Dr. Miller, Semiconductors with Prof. Ooi, and, best of all Prof. Rotkin, my independent research advisor, to whom I owe a large chunk of my educational experience.

Why did you choose Lehigh?
Two reasons: After high school, I fell in love with the concept of the Integrated Engineering and Business and Engineering program offered by Lehigh, so I applied Early Decision. They accepted me and gave me good financial aid, which is the second reason, so I came. The beauty of the campus and state was just an incidental benefit.

How did Lehigh help you transition to life in the US?
ESL classes, and the cordial (non-formal) format of international orientation and the exuberant friendliness of the OISS staff combined made my first days very pleasant. An open attitude coupled with awesome friends took me the rest of the way.

What is your favorite location on campus?
Whitaker Lab, without a doubt. It’s a great place to study if you cherish solitude, particularly in the evening hours.

Any advice for prospective students?
Look for opportunities to do research with professors as early as sophomore year. You learn so much more in the process if you do, believe me.